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We all agree that testing is good. But it's often skipped as starting can be challenging. So we are here to kickstart you with that.

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Streamlined Success

Exceptional Magento Test Pipelines

We build tailored test pipelines for your Magento store. We help you to get started with testing and to keep your store reliable.

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Time Saver.
Implementing our test pipeline significantly reduces development time, allowing you to focus on other crucial aspects of your business.
Error Reduction.
Catch issues early and minimize costly mistakes with our comprehensive testing process.
Faster Deployment.
Speed up release cycles and reduce downtime with a continuous feedback loop.
Customized Approach.
Our test pipeline is tailored to your unique business needs, ensuring maximum effectiveness.
Expert Support.
Leverage our vast experience and expertise in Magento development to optimize your test pipeline.
Proven Methodology.
Trust in a tried-and-true testing process that has helped countless businesses achieve eCommerce success.

The expertise from the Mage team has given our business a competitive edge. It's hands-down one of the best investments we've made to enhance our development flow."

Emily Clark
eCommerce Strategist

Effortless Testing Solutions

Tailor-made Test Pipelines for Magento

With, you gain access to a world of Magento test pipeline expertise. Our team crafts custom testing solutions that align with your business objectives, ensuring a seamless development process and a glitch-free eCommerce experience.

Zero-Downtime Deployer

€ 850 Ex VAT.
No Cure No Pay

Ensure seamless code deployment with our automated Git-based solution that prevents downtime.

  • Automated process
  • Reliable code push
  • Hassle-free process
  • Consistent performance
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End-2-End Testing

€ 1.000 Ex VAT.
No Cure No Pay

Effortlessly achieve a seamless pipeline with End-2-End tests. Streamline your workflow, maximize efficiency. Trust in accuracy, embrace success.

  • Tests for the homepage, product page, cart and checkout
  • Integrated with your source code
  • Deploy code with confidence
  • Catch bugs before they reach production
  • Tailored to your Magento store
  • Works with GitHub, Gitlab or Bitbucket
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Elevate your Magento store with our expertise. Discuss your project and unlock the potential of tailored test pipelines.

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Frequently asked questions

After you granted access to us:

  • On each push to your git system, browser tests are run.
  • These test will check:
    • Your homepage: Does it load?
    • Your product page: Is it possible to add a product to your cart?
    • Your cart page: After adding the add to cart button, is the product actually added to your cart?
    • Your checkout: Does the checkout load and can we enter address data?
  • A PR with all the changes.

After you granted access to us:

  • A fully automated deployment process
  • A deployment that is reliable, no unexpected downtime
  • When someone pushes code to your main branch, this is deployed. With no downtime!
  • A PR with all the changes.

Please note: Implementing a automatic deployment tool brings a minor form of downtime during the installation. We have dealt with this before and will limit this downtime to a minimum. We will always inform you before we start the installation.

For the Zero-Downtime Deployer package, we need:

  • Access to your GIT repository in GitHub, Bitbucket or Gitlab.
  • Access to your production server
  • Access to your staging server (optional but recommended)

For the End-to-End Testing package, we need:

  • Access to your GIT repository in GitHub, Bitbucket or Gitlab.
  • A copy of your database. This can be a GDPR safe copy without any customers and order in there.
  • A place to store this file. For example in AWS S3.

In most cases, you don't. A lot of stores already have a deployment process in place. If you have this in place, you can still use the End-2-End Testing package. is designed to work with a wide range of Magento versions. However, we recommend contacting our support team to confirm compatibility with your specific Magento version and setup.

Yes, it does. We have a Hyvä specific testsuite.

There are a lot of headless frontends out there. We have a few of them in our test suite, but we can't test them all. If you have a specific frontend in mind, please contact our support team to confirm compatibility.